just one ...

Just one ...
just one song can spark a moment ..

just one flower can wake the dream ...

just one tree can start a forest ..

just one bird can herald spring ..

just one smile begins a friendship ..

just one handclasp lifts a soul ..

just one star can guide a ship ..

just one word can frame the goal ..

just one vote can change a nation ..

just one sunbeam lights a room ..

just one candle wipes out  darkness  ..

just one laugh will conquer gloom ..
And You ...
Just One But , You Can Do Alot

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  1. just one comment ... can't describe

    جميل جدا

  2. just one thing is left to say
    only one GOD is worth to obey

    this is an awesome post my princess

    keep in posting in English from time to time

    all the best
    the father of kareem

  3. so, you Can write in English. keep up the good work then

  4. just one vote can change a nation ..

    كان غيرك اشطر بقى صوت انتخابي واحد يغير امة بحالها ....دا اكيد للناس اللي بتتكلم عنجليزي اما في الدول الناطقة بالعربية ولا ملايين الصوات بتغير النتيجة

    just one person (and his son) can rule us


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